Dutch Bike Co. isn’t in Seattle by mere chance.  We’re here because this is a wonderful city for bicycles.  We live and work here and get to experience it by bike every day, and we want to share it with you!  When you cruise down the trails by the lake or explore Seattle’s diverse neighborhoods by bike you get a feel for this city that cannot be found any other way.  Whether you’re doing the tourist thing or you live just up the street, come on by and hop on one of our comfortable, simple bicycles for an experience you’ll never forget.


Link To Seattle’s Interactive Bicycle Map


  • Standard bike (3 speed with rack and fenders)

$12/hour             $30/3hours         $45/day

  • Bakfiets cargo bike (8 speed with space for two children or one adult passenger, or a Costco run)

$16/hour             $60/day

  • The Conference Bike (7-seat, 500 lb. rolling party)

$75/hour             $225/4hours       $450/day

  • Locks and helmets available and free with deposit