Bike Rentals
Cruise down the trails by the lake or explore Seattle’s diverse neighborhoods by bike! You can get a feel for this city that cannot be found any other way.

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Seattle is a beautiful city to explore by bike. We have an extensive trail system that tours through many of Seattle’s unique neighborhoods, parks and nature spots. Looking to sample some of Seattle’s breweries? Heck, you can just cruise around the ‘hood. Frelard (Fremont-Ballard) is the heart of the city’s beer scene. You can even pedal up to the excellent Fremont Brewing Company. Finally, if that hasn’t done it, you can quench your thirst at the Red Hook brewery, a perfect 2 hour ride from our doorstep. All are easily accessible from the Burke-Gillman trail. Our bikes are about as easy to ride as they come, 7 speed internal gears makes shifting a breeze and conquering hills a snap. Upright seating position puts the vistas and views right where you want them without craning your neck. We also have helmets and locks to go with every bike in case you want to stop at a brewery for a pint or just take a walk through the park. Getting Here From Downtown via Bus is easy. Take the “D” Line buses which run every 10 minutes off 3rd Avenue. Head to “Ballard” until you cross the Ballard Bridge and Fishermans Terminal. First stop over the bridge on Leary Ave N.W. next to Trader Joes. Head one block west and you can miss us!
Locks and helmets available and free with deposit!Rates

$12 — Hourly

$30 — For 3 Hours

$45 — Daily