Tune ups

Whether you’re crawling up the hills downtown or cruising the Burke, really using a bicycle means occasional maintenance. Ride by our shop any time for completely free diagnosis and consultation. We’ll tell you exactly how your bike is doing, and talk with you about what it will take to make it perfect for how you want to use it. Our approach to your bike is not directed by some abstract idea of what a marketer thinks it should do, but by what you want and need to make it work – ergonomically, functionally, or aesthetically – in your life. After all, you’re riding your bike, not someone else’s.

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Our repair services range from the smallest a la carte operations – like replacing your punctured tube or injecting fresh roller brake grease into your Secret Service – to full-fledged custom bike builds like the Saisons. We offer a selection of maintenance packages to care comprehensively for bicycles at any stage of their lives, whether it’s a quick and accurate cable tension adjustment on a newer bike or complete replacement of all the bearings and cables on your faithful old steed.

Tune Up
Selected Menu – A few of our many service offerings
Comprehensive Maintenance Package
Adjust all brake and shifting systems, true, dish and round wheels, inject fresh grease into hubs and headset, lubricate, clean bicycle, air tires, and miscellaneous
Basic Tune
Adjust all brake and shifting systems, true, dish and round wheels, lubricate, air tires, and miscellaneous
Wheel Build
Build or rebuild a bicycle wheel with new spokes and rim, strong and balanced
Wheel True
Adjust and balance spoke tension to bring one wheel perfectly into true