Welcome to the New Site!

If you know anything about us here at Dutch Bike Co., you know that we’ve never been slow to dive into an idea. Whether it’s the original container of Workcycles bikes Dave bought back in 2007 or the hundreds of Linus bikes over the past couple of years, we just can’t hold back once we fall in love. Our new website is another example of the same: it’s easier to navigate, it works great on mobile devices, and did I mention it’s gorgeous? We love it, and no doubt you’ll have fun as well. On that note, you’ll also forgive us this short period of construction while we polish the site and install all the beautiful new pictures we’ve taken. Enjoy!

New Civia Twin Cities Are In!

Brand New Civia Twin City & Lorings arrived this week.  Twin Cities come with a Shimano 7 speed internally geared hub and rear racks.

The Civia Lorings use the internally geared Shimano Alfine hub.  These come with the practical front bamboo carrier for your groceries.   You can set it up with Civia’s bamboo fenders or any others we stock.


New T-Shirts have just arrived.  It’s been a while since we’ve had any size other than kids.  These are all screen printed with a water based ink by Desteenation.

Come & Get It! Mimosa With Julie’s Biscuits & Gravy Baby!

The squirrels are working hard scrambling around the neighborhood stuffing their cheeks with nuts to put on a few respectable pounds for the cold winter coming down.  Don’t worry!  No need to hunt furtively, constantly watching your back for the MAN as you masterfully balance a power line.  This Sunday and every coming Friday & Sunday,  stop in Dutch Bike Co. Cafe’ for Julies in house Biscuits & Gravy.  Pour our new habanero based hot sauce on it, not too much heat but full of flavor.  Pork Gravy over fresh Biscuit $5.  Mimosa’s and a full beer & wine list to kick off or end your farmers market stroll.