Car 2 Go In Seattle

If you live in Seattle you’ve probably noticed all the Mercedes Smart cars with the Car2Go logo parked all over.  It’s a pretty innovative car share idea not unlike the Zip cars but with a bit more freedom.  For those of us who bike, bus or walk but still have a drivers license this idea makes sense if you need a vehicle to do some errands, you won’t be fitting a couch in there however.

Right now the membership is waived with a free 1/2 hour test period and then .38 cents a minute after that.  I grabbed a membership the other day, I must say it’s pretty cool.  As of now there are 232 cars in Seattle, you can see where they are on your phone.  I’ve been able to grab one a couple times within a couple blocks.  It’s a bit like driving a lemon wedge around but it’s not as ridiculous as I thought it would be.  Parking is included so you don’t have to ever feed a meter or worry about time zones.  Perhaps the other shoe will drop and these cute little cars will turn out to be part of an alien invasion force.  Better make a few Trader Joe runs before that happens.